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        No.761 Chongfu Road, Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang, China
        Contact person:Joey Deng,Gary Li

         Foe a decade, we have gone through ups and downs and been bravely forging forward. For a decade, Jiaao still insist the principle of people first, technology a priority, tirelessly overcome difficulties, constantly transform, upgrade, innovate and make breakthrough. Now we have become one of the companies which have the most complete kinds of environmental PVC additives in China. We have gained the honors like Zhejiang provincial High and New Technology Enterprise, Zhejiang provincial small and medium-sized S&T enterprise, Zhejiang provincial green enterprise and the innovative and growth-type enterprise in Tongxiang's Top Hundred Enterprises project.
         Primary level organization is the basis of the party's entire work and fighting capacity. Jiaao insists the concept that Economy development promotes party construction, party construction promotes development. Through building efficient platform to create advantage and then to achieve the win-win resonance between company development and the party construction work. The funding of Jiaao Party Culture bulliding Center provides a new platform for the enterprise party construction work. It is not only the main territory of daily study and activity for our party member, but also the main carrier of the enterprise culture construction. It records Jiaao's every step of practicing scientific development, each efforts to forge ahead and shoulder the social responsibility. Each achievement shows the progress all company staff have made, the hard work we have done and our determination to move forward, all these play an important role in Jiaao's development.
         To cumulate in order to handle future crisis, to be prepared in order to survive. Standing at a new starting point, Jiaao will further deepen the notion of advancing ahead of others. Based on the Party Culture Building Center, we advocate the activities for being excellent and to find new ways to better release the power of Party and Party members, constantly improve the level of Party and promote the development of the company.