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        No.761 Chongfu Road, Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang, China
        Contact person:Joey Deng,Gary Li

          We want to fully make use of our staffs' talent and advantage. Aiming at building excellent personal selection system and expanding talented people's selecting range, we can put the right person at appropriate position and try to let every employee do their best according to his expertise and make full use of his strong points. We attach importance to optimize internal talents resource allocation and deploy able staffs for key project. Through multichannel talent introduction, we give great impetus to talents internationalization and labor localization. Our company has broad space for development and as the navigator in plasticizer field, we are moving towards for internationalization. We want to unite with all able people who have common goal and converge to a huge power which can make a contribution to green environmental protection, leaving blue sky and white cloud for our descendants.

         We insist the notion that people is priority, focus on the common development between enterprises and staff. We actively advocate the concept that training is efficient investment, service oriented and learn to meet practical needs, keep sustainable innovation and quality oriented. Through integrating and promoting business strategy with employee career development to achieve maintenance of value and appreciation of the human capital. We can provide every staff with the superior development platform; we have huge, gleaming training center; we build excellent incentive mechanism for talents' healthy and active development; we have perfect human resource configuration for international development; we also provide excellent staff with the opportunity to go abroad for further study; we have good intension which can let the talents develop and flourish in a stellar career and the most important is that we have the largest source of wealth in Jiaao -----our enterprise culture which take our chairman----Shen Jian as the center. It just like the soul which keeps our Jiaao youth forever and the fertile soil which give our power to pursue knowledge and dream.
         All staff in Jiaao have their own dream which must be combined with the Jiaao's goal to become a world brand. There is no best, only better. We are looking forward to your participation and we believe our company will be better because of you.