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        No.761 Chongfu Road, Tongxiang Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang, China
        Contact person:Joey Deng,Gary Li

         Our company emphasizes the investment in technology and the ability for self innovation. We were the first company in China to establish research center for environment friendly plasticizer in 2006, several kinds of our plasticizers were listed in provincial level program for new products, we are pioneer in technique innovation and new product research and development. Our research center is a comprehensive research institution with practical application and engineering design the main task, the main technology areas include oil processing, research and development of non-toxic, environment friendly plasticizer and stabilizers, research on new chemical agent as well as fire retardant, waste water disposal.
         Company has established scientific systems for research and development as well as talents training, which ensure the constant improvement of technology innovation and competitiveness. Company has it own technology counseling committee constitutes of internal technicians, research institution experts, colleague scholars, professionals from relative industry, they combine the latest knowledge both at home and abroad to make blueprint for our tech innovation as well as guide, check and monitor the execution of the plan. With the company research team the main force, under the guidance of counseling committee, we successfully combine the procuring procedures like research, sample analysis, trial sales, feedback to reach the virtuous circle of research and producing. Research center make comprehensive regulation such as Regulation about the Management of Research Grant, Regulation about Personal Assessment and Promotion, Procedures for Products Design and Promotion, Regulation for Research Project Management, these regulations greatly motivate staffs' passion and creativity for work, perfect company's assessment for research grant and product development to make the best of the resource.
         After years of hard work, the research center has become an independent scientific research- oriented institution. Through mechanism and system innovation, research center plays an important role in product development, technique application, technique service, information collection and staff training, it gains reputation in China's plasticizer industry. So far, company has obtained 7 national invention patents and 3 practical application patents. Our project was granted the title.
         No 1 Invention Award by China petroleum and chemical industry association , and our company was listed in the Torch Plan by Ministry of Science and Technology.